Please print this form and complete 

Please answer the following questions and use a separate sheet where more space is needed:





Phone___________________ Cell___________________

Email____________________ Date of Birth___________ Age______

Church Denomination______________________________

Height____________ Weight___________

1.How many years of training in classical ballet (and pointe if female) have you had?

2.When did you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
 _____________________ and, also, how did this influence your life? 

3.Have you been water baptized: (when) 

4.At this present time, what is the Lord doing in your life: 

5. Do you have a regular time in God’s Word- explain: 

6.Briefly explain what the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) means to you: 

7.How is your relationship with your parents or other significant authority figures, and what part do they play in your decision making? 

8.  What do you have a passion for? 

9. Explain the importance of submitting to authority and how that relates to effective ministry. 
10. Why do you want to be a part of IN HIS STEPS ministry?

11. Please write a brief synopsis of your personal testimony below:

12. Would you feel comfortable sharing your testimony in a church or school?

SIGNED COMMITMENT: Please read the Code of Conduct

  As a dancer with IN HIS STEPS I will obey the above code of conduct. I fully support the vision, mission, statement of faith and statement of purpose of IN HIS STEPS, and see myself as part of fulfilling the vision by becoming a part of the ministry. I agree to abide by the registration requirements and will aim to do the following:
1. Having a regular time in the Word and prayer.
2. Having a humble and teachable attitude.
3. When travelling with the company, modest dress is required. 
4. Respectful behavior while in a church, school or other venue.
5. Willingness to serve other school/trainee/company members (considering others as more important than yourself/ Philippians 2).
6. Proper care of physical body (good food/healthy diet).
 7.  For the purpose of a uniform appearance in company members, and as few distractions as possible, any company members must commit to remove any facial piercings, and cover any visible tattoos with body makeup for a performance.
8. Membership at a local church.

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